April 1st, 2009

After Reading this article I was really motivated to search on youtube for news coverings of the trial and of the Riots. Of course I had to take in some bias as some were montages of ridiculous and racially charged statements. But I cannot say I was shocked. It did make me question how civilized America really is.

One of the quotes that really made me think was ” A serious discussion of race must begin not with the problems of black people but with the flaws of American Society.” In an embedded sense of tolerance, many issues have become taboo. Can you really talk about race if there is a black person present? Does that change what you would say? I like this quote because the issue of race discrimination does not solely effect the black community in America, but all Americans.

These readings are becoming more frustrating. A repetition of the completely hopeless facts. I do not question their validity, it is their validity that makes them frustrating. My question is so what? Why are we learning this? Because to simply be aware that these issues exist is not enough. But that is all this class is focused on…asking questions. Where are the solutions, I dont mean theoretical solutions that are purposed in many scholarly readings. The question is what can we do? Can I really change anything that happens in LA? Sounds hopeless, but thats merely a reflection of the readings.

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