Am I just Naive?

March 17th, 2009

I did not enjoy this book. It was really tough to get through. I am not trying to deny that this happened in war-time America. The beginning is completely depressing. Bob seems like a complete mad man trying to deal with his anger. Unfortunately he had a pretty unstable use of anger. Anger can be a great thing, especially when faced with injustice. It can give a person the strength or courage to rise up and fight. Anger can get completed twisted when it burrs reason. Bob would have completely justifiable anger, but he would leap past all reason to revenge. It was again disappointing when Alice convinced him how to be content. True, the white man could not have control over their property, or their family. But being silent to injustice is cowardly. But again I am struck by this too.
First how could Bob not have a chip on his shoulder, and how could he keep from getting angry for every action of the white man? Whenever he got angry and showed it, it was just what black people do. They get angry, and it played into white dominance. Everything wrong he did was blamed on his color. If he ever did anything right it was either unnoticed or proved that he was a “higher negro.”

This book brought about important issues about identity, race, gender, and war-time America. But it was hard to stomach.

What should Bob have done to keep from getting in trouble, but to protest how he was being treated?

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