Equal Rights as Political fiction

February 23rd, 2009

Lisa Lowe made a harsh statement that equal rights are a political fiction, while offering a solution in engaging the past to secure the future. Through her specific research, and also in applying this to other immigrants in American history, equal rights do prove to be quite fictitious. It is equal rights that draw countless immigrants to have the chance at the American dream. Though American culture promotes this dream, American history debases it. Equal rights, as I have learned, is at the core of American politics in writing, but in action it has little influence. This core seems now to be an illusion.
Lowe points out that Asian American immigration is distinctive from that of other immigrant groups in relation to U.S. citizenship in that it is open to cross-race and cross-national possibilities. Asian immigrants have built horizontal communities, not looking at the state/citizen relationship as the ultimate superstructure of society.

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