Yo momma so fat

February 18th, 2009

The introduction and first chapter that we read by Kelly demonstrates how academia can be simply ridiculous. After usually being annoyed from my readings in Sociology, History, Geography, and Anthropology classes, finally I find a scholar who finds his scholarship in the simple matters. While other scholars look for psychiatric and social reasons for phenomena they forget to look at the simple aspects. The first chapter addresses an intelligent though brief analysis on Ice Cube, rap’s original gangster. Scholars as well as fearful mothers read lyrics that were literally terrifying, without understanding they are much deeper. The bizarre thing is that Ice cube is bitingly forward about why he raps, and even why he has sex rhymes. How many times has he been called prejudiced against whites, Koreans, Mexicans? Or even sexist against women? As Ice Cube says in his own words, “A Black Woman is my manager so will you please stop bitching”
So my response to this reading turned more into talking about Ice Cube, but I am extremely encouraged about how Kelly challenges scholars. Many believe that you can only be scholarly if you step outside of what is happening, apart from bias. Kelly mocks the critics as they forget to see what black culture is all about. Though Kelly critiques scholars for not understanding the complexity of the poor culture, he displays simple analysis of what they miss. The problem is, when a problem is too complex, what kind of model can be used to understand and fix it?

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