the weekend rolls to an end

November 16th, 2008

This weekend has been quite the weekend. We mainly saturday.

But I would like to inform you all that I basically finished my wooden statue!!! How exciting right? Ottavio put a varnish layer on the guy, and then all the colors are more luminous. It was really intense though because it was basically my test. He was kaing fun of me, because I was standing behind him with my arms folded, and looking sheepish.

The last thing I did was to put gold on the base of the statue. I put a little too much gold, and everyone laughed about how I wanted him to look bran new! So that was fun too.

But on saturday I went down to Rome with a group from the St Thomas More Society. We went to the Basilica of St. Paul, because this is the year of Saint Paul. We had a mass there, and one of the girls with us recieved her first communion. After that we headed to St. Peters, and then went to lunch. One of the best lunches I have ever had in my entire life. We started out with wine and pasta of course. I then got the veal, and after that limoncello cake. After that caffe and after that limoncello. We were not finished until 3:30, and we all had a blast. Instead of ordering everything at the same time, after every course they return to see if you are still hungry. I really liked this. No one is trying to fill you past your extent. But we all had a great time, great conversation, and just a great meal. I think the wine and limoncello did us all really well. By the time we left the restruant we were all feeling very family like. One of my friends actually missed a reservation that she made for a museum. I felt bad because I told her that we would end earlier. She didnt mind at all, she said that Bernini’s statues will always be there, but company like this is not. I thought those were very wise words.

Today I worked at the leather store. I didnt sell anything, because there was NO one there. But i took inventory of the entire store which was exhausting. And Im glad I wont have to do that for a while.

I wanted to give you guys the website to the St. Thomas More society. Check it out! Pray for it! We have seen incredible things happening already.

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  1. Jenny Keller on November 24, 2008 9:20 pm

    How special to share her first communion!

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