non mi interesa!

October 7th, 2008

Ciao tutti,
mi dispiace perche non scrivo frequentamente.

The title of this post, is the phrase my friend Dani told me to say to people when they hit on me, and i want them to leave me alone. He taught me others ones, but I am much too polite to write them. It is so funny because when riding a bike, at stop lights other people on bikes, or vespas pull up and are right next to you. It is pretty common to share words. But this is when i usually use my newly learned phrases….thanks Dani!

Im am nearing completion of my statue man. I keep thinking it will get easier but it doesnt. Matching colors is actually getting more difficult. There are no more white spots left on him, and i am now adding color on top of color to make it look juuuuust perfect. But a lot of times my eyes say it looks fine, and then when my co-workers look at it, they say he need more green or more rosso, or things like that. And then I look at it again, and they were right! Mamma mia! I am learning though, but I am getting excited to move onto another project. But I need to prove my abilities on the one I had now, so they feel comfortable giving me another one. So I cant be too excited about finished, I need to focus on getting it right!

I have been coming to work in few clothes despite the cold weather. My co-workers were a little concerned, and asked if I have been cold. so I truthfully answered yes, and continued to explain that my parents are brining my winter clothes, and until then have been layering and what not. The next day they all brought me tons of winter clothes. Wool sweaters, jackets, scarfs….the whole shebang!! They were very concerned, and now I hardly need my parents to bring me winter clothes! Its funny though because none of the clothes fit perfectly, so I am definitely wearing authentic Italian clothes, but in the wrong way!

I frequent the SACI library whenever I have extra time. Because I am an alumna, I can go to the library, but I cannot check out books. I usually read about restoration, and chemistry. I usually get tired after a few hours, and pick a light book to read for short breaks.
This week I picked up “Into the Wild” as my light book, but could not put it down. I have been trying to get to SACI frequently just to finish it! It is such an inspiring book. Humans are capable so much. I have been thinking a lot about the mainstream lifestyle, which seems to be unsatisfying. There is more out there, and you have to find it for yourself. You cant simply read about it in a book. While hearing other experiences, you can learn a lot, you need your own, to make your own experiences to really have an impact on the world, just by living your life.

I am also getting involved in the English speaking youth group at the duomo. It is a fairly new program, and we are all very excited about it. I may be heading up the bible study section. But we are also talking about getting a group together to do music for mass. I might be able to sing for mass in the Duomo of firenze!! I am so excited!
Its also to meet kids in the same situation as me….although many of them are in different situtations. Most people come with their school, or with a friend.
I have really enjoyed how I came here a lone. I think I have gotten the most authentic experience that way. I have seen the student side of Italy, as well as the business world. I couldnt be more thankful for the richness of my time here. I have been exposed to such a wonderful place, and wonderful people.
As most of you all know, I hate spending money. Its not because I am afraid of loosing it or not having it, but because I feel there is much in life that is not worth spending your money on. I find it hard to justify buying a new sweater, when i have plenty, and when that same money can feed someone starving. Many people think I am a bit dramatic on this point. But I rarely buy things because of this. I usually ask….is this really more important than helping someone…..and the answer is almost always no.
So this trip has been hard for me to deal with in that sense. I have spent ALOT of money over here. For my classes, the internship, for living, I could have easily stayed at mary washington, and donated the money that i would have spent here. I am starting to realize that money doesnt mean a thing. It is a false system. Even if I donated money to some charity, it isnt the same as giving yourself to charity… in charity. The way that you live your life should be an act of charity in all things.
It is strange though, because it is hard for me to make sacrificing for people over here. I simply dont know what to do, or what to say… know the whole not knowing anything about the culture, or the town, etc. But I have been able to accept charity so much, and have learned so much from it. From people giving me directions, people offering to help me with Italian, people giving me rides places. All of these things, although I am not sacrificing, are leading me in this life of charity. All I can do is accept charity, and when I can give it. I cant search for it, I just have to be open to it.

4 Responses to “non mi interesa!”

  1. kyle on October 7, 2008 8:30 pm

    i love that book! into the wild i mean, i couldn’t put it down.
    also you rock and i miss you!
    <3 kyle

  2. logan on October 8, 2008 9:09 pm

    ha, except I saw your true buying weakness– clown pants!!! You would spend every cent you possesed on funny pants I’d wager. . . Which I find delightful. I’m really glad I have a few photo momentos of the parachute style you sported.

  3. kaitlin on October 9, 2008 6:32 am

    i’m glad you have sweaters!!!

  4. Marni on October 15, 2008 9:02 am

    The parentals are coming for a visit?!?! HOW COOL!!! I guess you’ll probably be talking a hundred miles per hour during that visit. Have fun!

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